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During our recent town hall, led by our CEO Gustavo Castenetto, we discussed some of the key realities and challenges impacting the world, technology, and our clients that have key implications for our teams and our company.


A Restrained Reality

As we entered 2023, the entire tech industry witnessed a more restrained reality. Fueled by the geopolitical and economic uncertainties many companies took more cautious approaches to the next phase of the technology evolution. This resulted in many leaders focusing on ways to do more with less, avoid technology overlaps and further explore investing in the emerging and game-changing technologies that are reaching mass adoption (including Automation, AI, Chat GP3 and Could Computing).


Triggering A New Era

“While the year started out more cautiously, we are starting to see things normalize now. The cautious approach has been evolving into a resurgence of enthusiasm about technology´s potential. However, these past experiences have triggered a new era that will require augmenting our skills and our capabilities to embrace game-changing technologies to not only bring more innovative solutions to our clients, but also to be more productive and efficient in the way that we work,” said Gustavo Castenetto, our CEO. 


Driving Growth and Value

Most companies remain focused on growth and delivering positive ROIs for their technology investments – and it is our mission to help them succeed with our innovative solutions. But, for the Nybble Group, growth is not just about increasing our revenue. It is also, and mainly, about being able to add tangible value with everything we do to make a real difference in our clients’ businesses. “To make that difference, every one of our team members must stand up and be remarkable,” said Gustavo Castenetto.     


Our Keys to Success

Our people-first approach remains the focus and unlocking our team’s passion is the catalyst to driving our value-add mindset. This approach defines us, guides us, and separates us from the rest. Putting people first means we will continue to support our people and teams to be innovators in this new era with enhanced processes, guidance, tools, support, and training to grow and succeed – both professionally and personally.   


Investing in Our People

In addition to always strengthening our culture, we will also be accelerating our investment in innovation and new technologies by supporting our teams and augmenting our skills and capabilities to innovate in this new era.


“Every member of our team will need to take responsibility for creating a culture that enables exceptional outcomes and helps us all to be remarkable”, said our CEO.