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Starting a new job can be stressful and overwhelming: lots of information, lots of new people, and a whole new environment. It can end up bringing down all the new team member’s excitement about it. A great onboarding experience can be a game changer for the new employee and the company.


At the onboarding, the team focuses on going hand in hand with the recently joined talent, in their journey of discovery and adaptation: becoming familiar with their role, the business’s expectations and the culture. It builds a foundation for them to stand on and feel confident enough to face new challenges.


Somebody that understands all the key aspects that have been listed before will likely engage with the company. When we say engage, we think about having a sense of belonging. With that in mind, Report Reference survey reveals the insight that 69% of staff members that have a positive onboarding experience are likely to stay in the company for at least 3 years- which is way higher than the norm. An engaged person feels that his or her role is relevant, in a company that meets his or her values and visions of the world. Feeling like he or she is doing the right thing, leads to more motivation and better productivity.


This extensive process has its practical parts, like becoming familiar with those that will be the recently joined talent’s work tools. But the cultural part plays a big part as well: getting to know the values of the company is a big key for engagement. At Nybble, we focus on our new team members to know who we are, where we came from and what we need from them. And last but not least, how People First is tangible in our everyday lives, resulting in more productive people and teams, better experiences for service providers and happier clients and customers.


Thank you for reading!